A Little Bit About Us...and Sodding Services, Sod Installation, Lawn Installation

Instant Lawns came to life as an idea in a Tim Hortons on Greenbank Rd across from the local police station. It began with a recognition one important fact. Soft-scaping, and in particular sodding, was grossly neglected by landscapers and too often overlooked despite adding serious return on investments for homeowners.

Ready for the revolutionary idea? We strive to deliver the lushest, greenest lawns to all. We call this Instant Grassification. Supporting that grassification, we have in place an ethos of customer service. We swiftly answer you when you call or email us, are extraordinarily reliable, always deliver what we promise you (on time AND on budget), hire the best employees, and we deliver some of the lushest, greenest lawns... kind of refreshing and basic with old-school values eh?

The Creators of Instant Lawns

Lucas Kwiatkowski

Interlock Specialist/Owner

Jacob Kwiatkowski

Sod Enthusiast/Owner