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Monique and Steve

We were so impressed with every step of the work you and your team did, from initial consultations to clean up and any follow-up. Our backyard patio looks GORGEOUS and we are very, very happy with Andre's work. Our lawn - well, it looks like a plush carpet and we just love standing there, looking at it!

We also wanted to note how great it was that everybody that worked on our yard came when they said they would, and finished up without leaving any mess behind - awesome!

Thank you again so much, and if you would like to use any comments from us for a testimonial on your website, please do!   - May 2013


The Steele Family

"BIG thank you to Adam, Lisa and the rest of the Instant Lawns team for a fantastic job done! Our lawn looks amazing! It is obvious that "excellent customer service" is at the heart of your company! Thank you again for your professionalism and dedication! We are super happy customers.  - May 2013


Heather Logan and Joe Nichols

"Thanks for stopping by to do QA on our lawn today. Again, we are really, really pleased with the work your guys did and thrilled with the result. We feel great about our experience with your company - right from when you stopped by to do the quote, through the way the guys showed up early, were pleasant, and did a great job, to you coming by after-the-fact to check on it. We've been impressed from start to finish. It was absolutely amazing to us that when we went to work in the morning, our front yard was a craterous mud hole, and eight hours later we came home to a beautiful, even, lush green lawn. Thank you so much, Instant Lawns! We would recommend your services to anyone who asks, without hesitation."



"Thanks a MILLION for our new beautiful lawn :) I feel like i'm writing one of those cheesy testimonials...but honestly, you KNOW how crap our backyard was and now it's well on it's way to being a space we can actual USE! i think i've been out there once since we move in and it was when you were there last year! I happened to be working from home yesterday so i spied a couple times on it's progress (and got to enjoy some free tunes - who doesn't like Kayne?!). Well done to all for the hard work!"



"Just wanted to send a note to compliment you on your staff and the quality services they've provided."

"All staff were very helpful, kind, hardworking, productive and respectful. They were all pleasant and polite, putting in their full effort without a complaint, even though there were initially some significant challenges with access to my backyard. "

"In addition, I feel it's important to make special mention of Lisa. I found her to be professional, very polite, respectful, knowledgeable, attentive, considerate and results-oriented - finding solutions to any issue that arose. She has shown exceptional client service and leadership skills - a valuable asset to your company. She is an extraordinary, competent, reliable, hard working, individual who provides expert direction to staff in a well-thought-out and assertive manner, and who cares about the quality of her work and the satisfaction of her clients. In sum, a true and rare gem."

"It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff, and I thank you all for the time and effort that went into transforming my uneven eyesore of weeds into a beautiful, lush, even lawn."

"I wish you all the best."



"Our lawn has now been installed for a week and looks fantastic. I wanted to let you know that you and your team have provided us with fantastic service. From the first contact with your business to post-installation, we have received excellent service. Your staff is cordial, timely, dedicated and thorough. They took the time and care to do their work properly without the feeling that they were rushing to get done and always available. I now understand all the positive feedback on your website!"

"Thank you for this great experience."



"The job has just been completed and I wanted to send you a note to say that we are very happy with the results. Also wanted to mention that your workers were very friendly and overall the customer service was excellent. You have a great business and we wish you continued success. I made a point of passing on your brochure to our realtor noting the rapid turn around time and exceptional results."


Janet Cahill

"Thanks to you and your guys for a fabulous job well done....the grass is looking great even through this intense heat we had."

"Thanks so much."


Bailey Church

"It was an absolute delight working with you Lisa and the Instant Lawn team. You were all very professional all the way. I LOVE your enthusiasm! So much fun to talk to you!"


Darquise Pellerin

"I would like to compliment your company on a job well done. The price is reasonable, and the work well done without a long waiting period. I am pleased and will recommend your services!"



"My husband and I were very happy with the work that was done. The young lads made use of our garbage bins to hand carry the material through to the back garden, which worked out very well.(first property we've seen with absolutely no backyard access through easement or otherwise) The garden looks great, and they did a very professional job. Please pass on our complements."

"Have yourself a lovely weekend!!"



"Thank you Lisa. I appreciate all your hard work. The crew did a great job."



"Great job. The lawn looks beautiful. Your crew was great; very pleasant and helpful."


Blake Sloan

"I was devastated to see the damage that grubs had done to my front lawn. I was frustrated and confused as to what to do. Thanks to Instant Lawns all my worries are gone. The moment I met Adam for a consultation and estimate, he put my mind at ease with his knowledge and reassurance they would restore my front lawn."

"My dealings’ with staff over the phone at Instant Lawns was just as enjoyable. Each individual I spoke with were courteous and did everything to make me feel like I was their number one customer."

"This professionalism and knowledge was also very evident with the installation crew. They worked diligently and with great care which was reflected in their work when the new lawn was completed. I couldn’t have been happier."

"I would recommend Instant Lawns to anyone looking for a job well done."


Kevin and Cheryl Litt

"Thank you Instant Lawns! Our lawn looks amazing and the kids love sitting and feeling the grass. We appreciate your help with our SDSS. Everyone has been pleasant to speak with and work with. Have a great summer!"


Debra Chiabia

"We are happy with the lawn and your efforts to sort things out".

"I have already recommended your company once over the weekend and will be happy to do so again anytime."


Presad Jetty

"Adam, we were very happy with your team and work ethic, and you did a good clean up job. Your company seems to take customer service seriously."


Frank Foti

"My experience with Instant Lawns was great! Right from my initial communication via email after seeing the lamp post advertising, to the almost immediate follow-up with Alex, and the same day quotation; Instant Lawns demonstrated their commitment to customer service. My quotation was fully honoured; no "extras" creep and installation was performed on time as scheduled."

"The Instant Lawn crew expertly installed our beautiful front lawn all in a day with total professionalism; all material was handled with care and the job site cleaned up once everything was done."

"So in summary; catchy advertising signage, great communication, solid quotation, professional installation! Thanks!"


Andy Bernard

"Great, job! Simply outstanding customer service, I will recommend to everyone who is looking for this service."


Luc Rochon

"Quality of sod is the best I have had. Pleasant, low key and unhurried sales approach. Efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable installation team."


Donna Grimard

"The three young men who did my job were very professional, pleasant and worked quickly. I was very impressed with them."


Valarie Shaver

"As I mentioned to Jana today, I was very pleased with the overall experience and with the job done and would recommend your company to others in the future."


Cathy Hainsworth

"I was away when your team came to install our lawn last month, so I didn't get a chance to let you know that it turned out great and we're getting a lot of enjoyment from it."


Patrick O'Halloran

"The instantlawn team both on the customer facing side (estimators and lawn team) along with the background staff were excellent, and we would not hesitate in recommending the InstantLawns team to any of our friends and colleagues in future."

"Plus the website is concise, intuitive and accessible. It is very well designed, and is definately the first link I would send if friends ask for lawncare options."

Overall, great job.


Catherine and Bryan Geiling

"We are on a tight timeline for selling our home and our large backyard was in desperate need of an overhaul! I called a couple of places, but Instant Lawns offered the complete suite of services we needed - and even better, 2400 square feet of weeds and basically scorched earth would be transformed within one day."

"The Instant Lawns estimator was professional, knowledgeable and thorough and gave us a fair price on the work to be done. Tom and Justin showed up 2 days later, as scheduled and on time, and as promised transformed the back yard in one day. We cannot thank Tom and Justin enough - they were professional, friendly, and unbelievably hard working - they delivered a herculean effort consistently from the time they arrived until the job was complete. The end result far exceeded our expectations, and will raise our property value considerably."

"Instant Lawns as a company was by far the easiest contractor to deal with in our 6 week house reno experience. Tom and Justin in particular were stellar! We will not hesitate to recommend Instant Lawns to our friends and family ..."


Joanna Komorowski

Dear Adam,

Thank you so much for replacing the pieces of our lawn. I am truly impressed with your high moral standards. You are one of the very few people that were renowating/beutifying our house that kept all the promisses, respected dates and did a really good job.

I will cerainly recommend you to our friends.

Good luck with your winter job,

Joanna Komorowski