Re-Sodding Services - New Sod, Sodding service, Landscaping Ottawa

The curb appeal of a well-installed and lush green lawn is undeniable. Imagine leaving your existing dead and lifeless lawn in the morning and coming home to a beautiful and professionally installed lawn by Instant Lawns. If you’re starting with an existing lawn, you could spend three or four of your precious weekends just removing the old lawn – why bother? Call Instant Lawns today! Even better, it’s at an affordable price, guaranteed! Lawn Watering Instructions

Every Sodding installation includes:

  • The removal and disposal of your old lawn

  • A minimum of 3 inches of a premium organic blend of screened peat, topsoil, and mushroom compost to ensure a healthy foundation for growth.

  • Minor grading and evening of the new topsoil*

  • Sod installation within 24 hours of it being harvested from the sod farm.

  • The setup of your sprinkle system immediately after the installed.

  • Watering and maintenance instructions.

  • The friendliest and most professional service in the industry.

*Major grading and extensive changes in height, slope, or elevation is not included in base pricing, however we are happy to provide this service upon request.