In-Ground Sprinkler Installation

The best time to install a professional sprinkler system is when your lawn is already dug up! An Instant Lawns sprinkler system can save you up to 50% in water costs by watering more efficiently. Your investment in your lawn will last far longer and you’ll save countless hours by not fussing over hoses, dry spots, and watering restrictions – the system will take care of that for you!

The keys to a luscious green lawn are sunlight and water. Controlling the sunlight is out of your hands of course, but watering your grass is not! The problem most people have is the hassle of watering their grass, watering incorrectly, or even destroying your lawn by not watering at all. Who really has the time to chase around the lawn sprinkler attached to your garden hose, fiddle with broken parts, and adjust the flow and direction every hour? None of us do. That’s where an underground sprinkler system can be a big asset.

With a sprinkler system you get benefits of:

  • A scheduled time of watering your grass throughout the week. You set the schedule and the sprinkler system does the rest.
  • The convenience of not having to move a lawn sprinkler around and keep track of how long you’ve watered an area, etc.
  • Conservation. You won’t be wasting water by forgetting to move the sprinkler and having water going down the drain – up to a 50% water savings, in fact.
  • The ability to water every area of your yard, including shrubs, small trees, and even your garden on a set watering schedule.
  • An increase in the value of your home. Buyers will appreciate the investment you made, which could influence the price your home will fetch by far more than the installation cost!