Need to cover up any ugly dirt patches or areas where grass isn’t practical? Mulch and Riverstone products are two of the best secret weapons for landscaping. Whether you’re looking to add some contrast and colour to your front yard, protect your soil, or give your planting beds a nice, polished finish, these two products are the most popular and effective when it comes to enhancing even the most basic landscape design.

If you have plants, flowers and trees throughout your exterior, mulch can provide both aesthetic and practical use. Mulch is excellent for suppressing weeds, preventing evaporation from the soil, as well as insulating the soil once the temperature starts to reach extreme temperatures. This is especially handy for our Canadian climate. And on top of all that, it gives a clean, professional, and impressive final touch to your garden.

Riverstone, like Speckled Ivory or Playground stone, is perfect for areas that experience a lot of moisture and water pooling and where turf can’t easily grow. In fact, these are most commonly placed along the sides of houses or in between two homes where there’s a slight slope in the terrain. This provides an easier and more attractive pathway instead of having a patch of dirt that turns into a muddy surface each time it rains.

We offer a variety of different types of mulch and stones to suit your outdoor style. Ask one of our friendly team members about how it can be incorporated into your front or backyard oasis.