Sodding Installation

The curb appeal of a well-installed and lush green lawn is undeniable, especially if there was nothing there before or if the home builder conveniently forgot to include sod in the price of your home! Imagine leaving your empty dirt lot in the morning and coming home to a beautiful and professionally installed lawn by Instant Lawns. Even better, it’s at an affordable price, guaranteed!

Every Fresh Sodding Installation includes:

  • A minimum of 3 inches of a premium organic blend of screened peat, topsoil, and mushroom compost to ensure a healthy foundation for growth.
  • Minor grading and evening of the new topsoil*
  • Sod installation within 24 hours of it being harvested from the sod farm.
  • The setup of your sprinkle system immediately after the installed.
  • Watering and maintenance instructions.
  • The friendliest and most professional service in the industry.

*Major grading and extensive changes in height, slope, or elevation is not included in base pricing, however we are happy to provide this service upon request.